Solar physics meeting at SAO circa 1970?

Can you identify anyone in these photos?

These photos were scanned from a collection in the CfA library. There was no accompanying information.

solar0001.jpg Andrea Dupree solar0002.jpg solar0003.jpg solar0004.jpg
solar0005.jpg solar0006.jpg solar0007.jpg solar0008.jpg
solar0009.jpg Ed Reeves (standing), Leo Goldberg (second from right, seated at window) solar0010.jpg solar0011.jpg solar0012.jpg
solar0013.jpg solar0014.jpg solar0015.jpg solar0016.jpg
solar0017.jpg solar0018.jpg solar0019.jpg Those tapes must hold MEGABYTES of data... solar0020.jpg
solar0021.jpg Martin Huber (l) and George Withbroe (center) conferring solar0022.jpg solar0023.jpg