HCO1640 Recitations in astronomy by Harvard seniors
HCO1664 Comet of 1664 observed in New England
HCO1672 First Harvard telescope donated by John Winthrop
HCOca. 1715 Robie's telescopes on roof of Massachusetts Hall
HCO1764 Fire destroys Harvard science instruments in Harvard Hall
HCO1767 19-cm reflector donated by Ben Franklin
HCO1839 Oct 26 HCO founded, William Cranch Bond hired as first HCO director
HCO1839 Dec Dana-Palmer House (then on present site of Lamont) is HCO's first home
HCO1839 Dec 31 Bond makes his first observation from Cambridge
HCO1842 HCO moves to Garden St site
HCO1847 Great Refractor, 0.38m telescope - equal biggest refractor w. Pulkovo
HCO1847 Early daguerrotypes of the Moon
HCO1848 Bond discovers Hyperion (Saturn VII)
HCO1849 Nautical Almanac moves to HCO
HCO1849 Gould starts the AJ in Cambridge
HCO1850 First daguerrotype of a star in America (Vega, by Bond)
HCO1856 Gould and AJ move to Albany
HCO1859 George Bond becomes 2nd director
HCO1866 Joseph Winlock is 3rd director
HCO1866 Nautical Almanac leaves HCO for USNO
HCO1875 Joseph Winlock dies
HCO1875 Anna Winlock is first female staff member
HCO1877 EC Pickering 4th director of HCO
HCO1882 Harvard Photometry published
HCO1886 Gould and AJ return to Cambridge
HCO1887? Harvard plate collection begins
HCO1889 Expedition to Peru to begin southern hemisphere studies
SAO1889 Nov Langley starts building observatory, SAO's 1st director
SAO1890 Mar 1 Langley's Astrophysical Observatory (APO) founded
HCO1890 Draper Catalog of stellar spectra
HCO1890 Boyden Stn. est. at Arequipa, Peru
SAO1895 Abbot becomes Langley's assistant
HCO1898 W Pickering discovers Phoebe (Saturn IX)
HCO1898 W Pickering est. HCO Jamaica station
HCO1898 W Fleming presents results on O stars at first AAS,
HCO1903 First photographic all sky map
HCO1906? Revised Harvard Photometry published
SAO1906 Abbott is SAO's 2nd director
HCO1910 Harvard spectral types adopted as world standard
HCO1918 AAVSO created at HCO under Leon Campbell
HCO1919 EC Pickering dies
HCO1922 Shapley is 5th director
HCO1927 Boyden Stn. transferred to Bloemfontein, S Africa
HCO1934 "The Telescope" magazine taken over by HCO
HCO1940 HAO Colorado site established
HCO1941 "The Telescope" merges with "The Sky"
HCO1941 "Sky and Telescope" in building C
HCO1949 Mayall takes over AAVSO from Campbell
HCO1951? HAO transferred to U of Colorado?
HCO1952 Menzel is director
HCO1953 AAVSO is ejected from HCO amid controversy
HCO1955 Boyden Stn transferred to joint ownership
SAO1955 FLW is SAO director
HCO1958 Sky and Tel moves out of HCO to Bay State Rd
HCO1960 Goldberg is director
SAO1960 Last solar observing stations closed
HCO1966 Sky and Tel severs links with HCO
HCO1971 Goldberg steps down as director
SAO1973 FLW steps down as SAO director
Benjamin Pierce, Perkins Prof of Astron and Maths ca 1830s
William C. Bond     Director 1839-1859
George P Bond         1840s, Dir 1859-1865
Truman H. Safford   1840s
Charles W. Tuttle     1840s? - 1854
Horace P. Tuttle     1857-1862
P. Sidney Coolidge  1850s-1860s           Harvard nebulae
Asaph Hall          1840s
William A Rogers    1840s
Benjamin A Gould    1850s but not HCO?
Samuel P. Langley  1865-66  Asst. Observer
Joseph Winlock      Dir 1866-1875
George M. Searle   1866-1868 Assistant Astronomer
Arthur Searle       1869-1887  Harvard Photometry
Charles S. Pierce  1869-75  Staff
Edward P. Austin   1869-1871              Assistant Observer
Anna Winlock        1875-
E C Pickering       Dir 1877-1919
Oliver C Wendell    1879-      Harvard Photometry
William Pickering   1883-1924    Photographic photometry; Boyden Dept, Jamaica (1889-1924)
Williamina Fleming  1881-1911`  HD Spectra reductions, O Stars, Curator of Astron. Photographs
Edward S. King      1890s?
Henrietta S. Leavitt 1902-1921   Variable stars, Cepheid P-L
William P Gerrish   1880s-     HD Spectra photography
Antonia C Maury     1888-1896  HD spectra, N Hem, luminosity classes
Annie Jump Cannon   1896-1941  HD spectra, S Hem, HD types
Solon I Bailey      1889?      Peru expedition
Marshall Bailey     1889?      Peru expedition
Harlow Shapley      Dir 1922-1952
Helen Sawyer (Hogg)     student of Shapley ca 1930
Adelaide Ames  1923-1932     Galaxy catalogs;  drowned at age of 32
Leon Campbell  fl 1915-1949   AAVSO
Margaret W. Mayall   fl 1949 -1953    AAVSO 
Donald Menzel      prewar; Dir 1952-
Walter O Roberts    1940?-1951? at HAO; grad student of Menzel
James G Baker      pre and post war
Cecilia Payne(Gaposh.)  pre and post war
Bart J Bok              pre and post war
Fred Whipple        1931 -2004   Comets, space program (SAO 1955-1973)
Richard Thomas   HCO fl 1954  solar physics?

Leo Goldberg   HCO 1960-1971, SAO-half 1960-1966 HCO dir 1966-1971; HCO pHd 1938 on He I lines
Bill Liller -  chair of dept ?-1966
Martha Hazen (Liller)
Andrea Dupree - grad student 1960s, solar satellite program
Geoge Withbroe, HCO solar satellite program 1970
E. M Reeves,  HCO lab astrophysics fl 1970
Bill H Parkison HCO lab astrophysics fl 1970

Alex Dalgarno - joined HCO 1966?
Charles G Abbott,  grad student at MIT, SAO 1895-, dir 1906-
Loyal Aldrich   SAO 1908-1953, dir SAO 1945-
Stanley Aldrich SAO  fl 1950s dir of SAO CHilean station 1950s
William H Hoover, SAO Chief Astrophysicist died 1953