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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 722 draft                                                 2016 Jan 17  Somerville, MA

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International Space Station

Expedition 46 is underway aboard ISS with Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko, Sergey Volkov,
Yuriy Malenchenko, Tim Kopra and Tim Peake.

The AggieSat-4 satellite was ejected from the ISS on Jan 29 using the Kibo JRMS arm and the
SSIKLOPS deployer. The 55 kg AggieSat-4, developed by students at Texas A&M University, will
eject the 3U cubesat Bevo-2 (from students at U. Texas-Austin) and perform formation flying
experiments with it.

On Feb 3 astronauts Malenchenko and Volkov carried out spacewalk VKD-42 from the Pirs module.
The hatch was opened at 1255 UTC and closed at 1740 UTC. They retrieved the EXPOSE-R2
and SKK 2-M2 materials exposure experiments and installed SKK 3-M2 and two Vinoslivost panels.
They also jettisoned a small package consisting of a bag of towels attached to a commemorative
flash drive with videos about World War II to celebrate the 70th anniversary of 'Victory Day'.
The inert package will reenter in a few days or weeks.


India launched its 5th navigation satellite on Jan 20. The PSLV-XL delivered
it to a subsynchronous transfer orbit.

LISA Pathfinder

LISA Pathfinder is now in the vicinity of Sun-Earth L1. The propulsion module
was jettisoned at 1130 UTC Jan 22; it will probably end up in solar orbit.

Intelsat 29e

Arianespace placed the IS-29e communications satellite in a low-inclination geotransfer orbit on Jan 27.
IS-29e carries C, Ku and Ka-band communications payload and is the first of Intelsat's new broadband
high-throughput 'Epic-NG' series, built by Boeing using the BSS-702MP bus. Launch mass was 6552 kg.

Eutelsat 9B

International Launch Services and Khrunichev flew a Proton from Baykonur on Jan 29
placing the Eutelsat 9B satellite in geotransfer. The European communications operator
Eutelsat will use the satellite's 66 Ku-band transponders to increase performance at
the 9 degrees East location. The satellite also carries a European Space Agency 
laser communications package, EDRS-A, as part of the European Data Relay System.
EDRS will relay data from low-orbiting satellites, converting an optical communications
signal from the satellite to a Ka-band radio downlink.


Glonass-M No. 51 (Uragan-M 751, Kosmos-2514) was launched on Feb 7 from Plesetsk to supplement
the Russian navigation constellation.


North Korea's National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA, Kukga uju gaebalkuk)
carried out its second successful satellite launch on Feb 7 from the Sohae base.
The satellite, Kwangmyongsong-4, entered a 500 km polar orbit like the KMS-3-2 satellite
launched in 2012. It appears both satellite and launch vehicle are very similar to the 2012 mission.
The launch vehicle this time carries the name 'Kwangmyongsong' but appears to be identical
to the Unha-3 launched in 2012.


In the last issue the China launch statistics should have read 17 CZ2/3/4 launches, not 16.

Table of Recent Orbital Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission       INTL.   Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl   Notes
                                                                                                      km      km   deg

Jan 15 1657   Belintersat-1       Chang Zheng 3B     Xichang LC3       Comms          01A   S41238    193 x 41730 x  26.4
Jan 17 1842   Jason-3             Falcon 9 v1.1      Vandenberg SLC4E  Climate        02A   S41240   1295 x  1320 x  66.0
Jan 20 0401   IRNSS-1E            PSLV-XL            Satish Dhawan SLP Nav            03A   S41241    288 x 20547 x  19.2
Jan 27 2320   Intelsat IS-29e     Ariane 5ECA        Kourou ELA3       Comms          04A   S41308    280 x 35525 x   0.6
Jan 29 1550   AggieSat-4                             ISS, LEO          Tech        98-067HP S41313    399 x   408 x  51.7
Jan 29 2220   Eutelsat 9B         Proton-M/Briz-M    Baykonur LC200/39 Comms          05A   S41310   4374 x 35663 x  12.1
Feb  1 0729   Beidou DW21         Chang Zheng 3C/YZ1 Xichang           Navigation     06A   S41315  21512 x 21981 x  55.0
Feb  3 1322   Fleshka             -                  ISS, LEO        Commemorative 98-067HR?S41326?   395 x   406 x  51.6
Feb  5 1338   GPS SVN 70          Atlas V 401        Canaveral SLC41   Navigation     07A   S41328  20438 x 20442 x  55.0 
Feb  7 0021   Glonass-M No. 51    Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat  Plesetsk LC43/4   Navigation     08A   S41330  19132 x 19158 x  64.8
Feb  7 0030   Kwangmyongsong-4    Kwangmyongsong     Sohae             Imaging        09A   S41332    465 x   501 x  97.5 0840LT SSO

Table of Recent Suborbital Launches

Blue Origin reflew the second NS propulsion module to 101.7 km on Jan 22 and successfully
landed it. The crew capsule separated near apogee and was recovered by parachute. It's
not clear whether this was the same crew capsule as in earlier flights.

Date UT       Payload/Flt Name Launch Vehicle      Site                  Mission    Apogee/km    Target

Dec 15        Shaheen RV       Shaheen IA          Somniani?,Pakistan    Test          100?      Arabian Sea
Dec 18 0652   FORTIS 3         Black Brant IX      White Sands           UV Astron     282       White Sands
Dec 24 1755   Topol'-E RV?     Topol'              Kapustin Yar          Reentry test 1000?      Sary Shagan
Jan 15 0300   S-310-44         S-310               Uchinoura             Ionosphere    161       Pacific Ocean
Jan 22        New Shepard CC   New Shepard         West Texas            Test          101       West Texas
Jan 23 0830   TEXUS 53         VSB-30              Kiruna                Micrograv     252       ESRANGE Zone B
Jan 28 2155?  MBRV?            eMBRM?             C-17, Pacific          Target        300?      E Pacific
Jan 28 2157   CE-II CTV-02+    GBI                 Vandenberg            Interceptor  1000?      E Pacific

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