The D-2B satellite, named Aura after launch, was the final Diamant payload. It took off from the Ensemble de Lancement Diamant at Kourou on 1975 Sep 27. D-2B was the first satellite procured from Matra/Velizy without CNES being involved in the manufacture.

Aura D-2B 


1975 Sep 27   0837   Launch by Diamant B P.4   CSG ELD 
  0842   Stage 2 sep 
  0847   Spin down, weights 92C,D deployed 
  0849   Blow clamps 92E,F; P.4 sep   96.8 499 x 723 x 37.1 
1975 Oct 23     Operational  
1976 Dec 28    End of life 
1982 Sep 30    Reentered