2.2.4: Dragon

The Dragon rocket used a large 0.56m diameter lower stage, like Centaure's Venus but bigger, to boost the Belier upper stage. The lower stage uses the Stromboli motor, and is called Dauphin when flown by itself. Eridan has a Stromboli stage 1 and Stromboli stage 2.


Dragon flight tests
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

D01   1962 May 5   DMA   Test   HMG 
D02   1962 Nov 28   DMA   Test   HMG 
D03   1962 Dec 5   DMA   Test   HMG 
D04   1963 Apr 26   Sud Avi.   Test   HMG 
D05   1963 Oct 30   DMA   Test   HMG 
D07   1964 Feb 10   DMA   Test   HMG 
D301   1968 Jul 23   CNES   Test   CEL 
D302   1969 Apr 26   CNES   Test   CSG 


Dauphin flight tests
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

DA001   1967 Mar 20   CNES   Test   HMG 
DA002   1967 Jun 28   CNES   Test   CERES 
DA003   1968 Mar 8   CNES   Test   CEL 
DA004   1968 Mar 28   CNES   Test   CEL 
DA006   1978 Mar   CNES   CSG qualification   CSG 

The two-stage Eridan was mostly used for experimental flights. The typed CNES record ends in Oct 1971, but M. Latour has added in manuscript four launches (one Dauphin and three Eridan) made in 1978-79 and denoted `qualification CSG' - presumably range tests prior to the first Ariane flight.


Eridan flight tests
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

E002   1968 Sep 26   CNES   Test   CSG 
E005   1969 Apr 12   CNES   Test   CSG 
E003   1969 Apr 23   CNES   Test   CSG 
E004   1969 Aug 22   CNES   Test   CSG 
E006   1971 May 17   CNES   Test (sea recov)  CSG 
E015   1978 Nov   CNES   CSG qual.   CSG 
E016   1979 Feb   CNES   CSG qual.   CSG 
E017   1979 Jun 13   CNES   CSG qual.   CSG 


Dragon/Dauphin aeronomy flights
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

D09   1964 Apr 11   Aero   Bourdeau   HMG 
D06   1964 Apr 13   Aero   Bourdeau   HMG 
D16   1964 Dec 3   MPA   Ba   HMG 
D08   1965 Nov 20   MPA   Ba   Bechar 
D21   1966 Jan 21   Aero  Na   HMG 
D12   1966 May 4   Aero   L Alp/Do   HMG 
D13   1966 May 12   Aero   L Alp/Do   HMG 
D14   1966 May 23   Aero   Atomic H   HMG 
D15   1966 Jun 14   Aero   Atomic H   HMG 
D22   1966 Jun 15   Aero   Na   HMG 
DA005   1971 Sep 14   Aero   Atomic H   CSG (Dauphin) 

The Terre Adelie flights of Jan 1967 are recorded in the CNES list as: D24, D27, D26, D27. I believe that one of the D27's should be D25.


Dragon magnetosphere/ionosphere flights
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

D10   1964 Aug 1   Aero   Mozer (Van Allen belts)   Vik, Iceland 
D11   1964 Aug 7   Aero   Mozer   Vik, Iceland 
D17   1965 Aug 24   Aero   Mozer   Vik 
D18   1965 Sep 3   Aero   Mozer   Vik 
D20   1966 May 16   GRI   Berthelier   Andoya 
D23   1966 May 31   Aero   Mozer/Bruston   Andoya 
D19   1966 Jun 16  GRI   Berthelier   Andoya 
D28   1966 Oct 17   Aero   E field   Andoya 
D24   1967 Jan 26   GRI   Berthelier   Dumont d'Urville  
D27   1967 Jan 28   GRI   Berthelier   Dumont d'Urville  
D26   1967 Jan 29   GRI   Berthelier   Dumont d'Urville  
D25   1967 Jan 29   GRI   Berthelier   Dumont d'Urville  
D251A 1968 Mar 15   GRI   TBF   Kerguelen 
D252   1968 Mar 27  GRI   TBF   Kerguelen 
D253  1968 Apr 1  GRI   TBF   Kerguelen 
D254  1968 Nov 3   Aero   E field/Te   Andoya 
D258  1969 Feb 6   USSR   RF mass spectrometer  CEL 
D256   1969 Feb 6  USSR   RF mass spectrometer  CEL 
D257   1969 Feb 6  USSR   RF mass spectrometer  CEL 
D259   1969 Feb 7  USSR   RF mass spectrometer  CEL 
D255   1969 Apr 13   CERS/Aero E field/Te   Andoya 
D260   1969 Apr 17   LPSP/GRI/MPA E field/Te   Andoya 
D303   1969 May 27   GRI   Plasma waves   CEL 
D304   1969 Nov 18   GRI   Plasma waves   CEL 
D305   1970 Oct 6   Meudon/CNET/GRI  Dipole impedance EIDI-1   CEL 
D306   1970 Oct 22   Meudon/CNET/GRI  Dipole impedance EIDI-2   CEL 


Dragon/Eridan solar physics and astronomy flights
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

D32   1968 Feb 14  Aeronomie   Solar helium   CEL 
D29   1969 Mar 17   LPSP   Solar helium   CEL 
E007   1971 Oct 16   LAS   Space astronomy   CSG