JSR Launch Vehicle Database, 2019 Nov 18 Edition

Jonathan C. McDowell

Section 1.3: The Launch Vehicle list

The LV (launch vehicle) list has one entry for each launch vehicle variant found in the launch lists. The intent of this list is to unambiguously identify the rocket used for each launch; the detailed numbers given for each variant (e.g. mass, thrust, capacity, apogee) are hopefully representative, but should not be treated as precise. The list has the following fields:

The vehicle type is not really used for anything at the moment. The following vehicle types are defined: (number of examples is from the 2003 release and has not been updated)






Code   Type   Number of examples 
D   Extraterrestial (Deep space) launch  
M   Missile   177 
O   Orbital vehicle   318 
R   Research rocket   300 
V   Reentry test vehicle   13 
X   Exoatmospheric test   15 
Y   Exoatmospheric weather rocket   15 
  (Total exoatmospheric)   840  
A   Endoatmospheric missile   20 
C   Cruise missile   17 
Q   Endoatmospheric reentry test vehicle 49 
T   Endoatmospheric test/research   68 
W   Endoatmospheric Weather rocket   29 
  (Total endoatmospheric)   183 
  (Grand total)   1023 

These types for individual launch vehicle types are slightly more finely divided than those used for the Family/Stage datafile: apart from the use of O rather than L, the R category is broken up to include V, X and Y subtypes and the T/A category is joined by the Q type. Note that the A,C,Q,T,W types of rocket never enter space (by my 80 km definition).