JSR Launch Vehicle Database, 2019 Nov 18 Edition

Jonathan C. McDowell

Section 1.4: The Launch Vehicle Stages list

The LV_Stages list is quite simple. Each line represents a single stage within a vehicle, and gives the vehicle name, the vehicle variant (usually blank), the stage number (which can be -1 or 0 for strapons), the stage name (which maps to the Stages file), a flag to indicate uncertainty (not confirmed that this stage is the correct one) and a flag to indicate a dummy stage (e.g. the Cora vehicle always carries a dummy Astris stage), and finally the stage multiplicity: e.g. stage 0 of the ASLV consists of two AS-0 strapon stages, and so has multiplicity 2. Here is a complicated example, for the Atlas IIAS.

Atlas IIAS    -   -1 Atlas Booster        - -  1   340725.0    90 -5900 ?
Atlas IIAS    -    0 Castor 4A            - -  4    97495.0    50 -6000 ?
Atlas IIAS    -    1 Atlas II             - -  1   104284.0   200 -5550
Atlas IIAS    -    2 Centaur IIA          - -  1    73408.0   200   200
Atlas IIAS    -    F Fairing              - -  2              100 -5900 ?

This tells us that the first stage of the Atlas IIAS is considered to be the Atlas II, but it has two sets of booster stages: stage -1, the Atlas Booster, and stage 0 consisting of four strapon Castor 4A stages. There is a second stage, the Centaur IIA, and a fairing with two pieces. The fairing is not further described in the LVDB.

For some rockets, and this example is one, estimated per-stage impulse in kNs is given. I haven't filled this in for most entries, and suggest that this column be ignored.

Finally we see representative apogee and perigee values for each stage. You shouldn't take these too seriously either.

To summarize, the columns are: