GCASO: General Catalog of Artificial Space Objects

Jonathan C. McDowell

Launch Sites

Rocket Launch Ships: French Missile Submarines

SNLE S610 Le Foudroyant

Patrick Coulon (sousmarintimonier.monsite-orange.fr)

Le Foudroyant (S610) entered service in 1974. It carried the M1, M2 and M20 missiles. In 1990-93 it was modified to carry the M4. It was retired in 1998.x

Rockets used: MSBS M2

Updated: 2022 Sep 25 16:44:10

Launches: S610
1973?MSBS M2--S610SNLE S610 Le FoudroyantCEL--- 1.2W 44.5N (+/- 0.0) 600.0