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WB-57B Canberra S/N 52-1502/3/4/6

52-1502, (c) Geoff Goodall 1964
52-1504, (c) Kurt Finger

Several B-57B aircraft attached to Kirtland AFB are thought to have carried out Cleansweep IIIB operations: Nos. 52-1502, 52-1503, 52-1504 and 52-1506. In the absence of information about specific flights this code is used to cover all of them.

Rockets used: Cleansweep IIIB

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Launches: B-57B-502
1965 Oct 20Cleansweep IIIBShrike motor-B-57B-502WB-57B Canberra S/N 52-1502/3/4/6JIRW05/23JILP1 169.5W 16.7N (+/- 0.0) 52.0
1965 Dec 20?Cleansweep IIIB--B-57B-502WB-57B Canberra S/N 52-1502/3/4/6JIRW05/23JILP1 169.5W 16.7N (+/- 0.0) 50.0
1966Cleansweep IIIB--B-57B-502WB-57B Canberra S/N 52-1502/3/4/6PMRW03/21WTRLP3 119.0W 33.0N (+/- 3.0) 52.0