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F-89J Scorpion No. 53-2547

F-89J No. 53-2547 took off from Indian Springs AFB on 1957 Jul 19 at 1305 UTC and flew to the Nevada Test Site. It fired a Genie MB-1 missile with a live 1.5 kT W-25 nuclear warhead which at 1400 UTC (0700 PDT) detonated 4.2 km downrange, 6 km above the test site. The plane landed at Indian Springs at 1407. This was Operation PLUMBOB shot JOHN. Indian Springs (now Creech AFB) has two runways, 13/31 and the large 08/26. My guess is that the larger runway is relatively new and the 1957 flight would have used 13/31.

Rockets used: F89J/Genie

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Launches: F-89J-547
1957 Jul 19 1400F89J/Genie--F-89J-547F-89J Scorpion No. 53-2547INSPRW13/31NTSArea 10 116.1W 36.8N (+/- 0.0) 6.0