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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 757 draft                                                 2018 Nov 6 Somerville, MA
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International Space Station

Expedition 57 continues aboard the ISS with astronauts Gerst, 
Prokop'ev, and Aunon-Chancellor.
The next Soyuz crew is scheduled for launch on Dec 3.

The Kounotori 7 cargo ship was unberthed from Harmony by the Canadarm-2
at about 1215 UTC Nov 7 and released into orbit at 1651 UTC. 
For the first time, an HTV departed the station without its EP (Exposed
Pallet). The HTV 7 EP remains on the MBS on the ISS truss, waiting
for a spacewalk to install the new batteries it is carrying.

Konoutori-7 made its deorbit burn at 2114 UTC on Nov 10 to an
orbit of about -55 x 380 km, reentering over the Pacific at 2141 UTC.
At 2124 UTC the HSRC reentry capsule was ejected; it also reentered
at 2138 UTC and came down on a parachute to a splashdown at 155E 21N
at 2206 UTC. This was the first HTV mission to carry an HSRC (HTV
Small Return Capsule) to return intact experiment samples to Earth.


Arianespace launched a Soyuz/Fregat on Nov 7 from the Centre Spatial
Guyanais, carrying the MetOp-C weather satellite for the European
Meteorological Satellite Organization, EUMETSAT.  The Fregat stage, No. 133-14, was
deorbited after releasing the payload and reentered over the Indian Ocean
at about 0318 UTC.


RocketLab made its second successful orbital launch on Nov 11, placing
several payloads in orbit. 

 CICERO-10 (TYVAK-0086) is a 10 kg GPS-radio-occultation weather satellite built by
   Tyvak for GeoOptics (Pasadena).
 Two Lemur-2 satellites from Spire Global carry GPS-RO, AIS and ADS-B payloads.

 The first two satellites from Fleet Space Technologies (Adelaide), which is developing
   a constellation to relay data from IoT devices.

 IRVINE01 is a 1U cubesat with a camera and an electric thruster, built by
  schoolchildren in Irvine and Tustin, California and owned by the Irvine Public Schools Foundation.
  According to Dr Brent Freeze of the Irvine cubesat project, IRVINE01 and
  the soon-to-be-launched IRVINE02 are operated by `Team Comms' via Woodbridge High School. `Team
  Prime' at University High School runs the science campaign.

 'Pride of Bavaria', from High Performance Space Structure Systems GmbH (Munich), is a
  NABEO (ADEO-N) drag sail experiment
  deployed from (and remaining attached to) the Curie kick stage.
  NABEO stands for NAnosat Bremssegel Entfaltversuch im Orbit 
   (Nanosat De-Orbit-sail Deployment-demonstration in Orbit).


India's ISRO carried out the second successful orbital launch of its
flagship GSLV Mk III rocket. The GSLV Mk III consists of a
4.0-metre-diameter L110 core stage using two N2O4/UDMH High Thrust Vikas
Engines (HTVE), two S200 solid boosters and a C25 LOX/LH2 upper stage. 
The C25 stage made a single long burn to a standard geotransfer orbit
and deployed its 3423-kg payload, GSAT-29.

GSAT-29 is a multibeam I3K-bus comms satellite to be located at 55E.
It will test new technologies and provide service to
Jammu/Kashmir and NE India.

Falcon 9

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 from Kennedy Space Center on Nov 15.
The second stage and the payload, Es'hailsat-2, were placed in geotransfer
orbit. Es'hailsat-2 is a Mitsubishi Electric model DS-2000, providing
Ku and Ka band comms for Es'hailsat of Qatar. It also carries the
AMSAT P4A amateur radio payload. The Falcon 9 first stage, B1047,
was on its second flight and landed successfully on the droneship
Of Course I Still Love You.


The IAU has asked me to point out that the informal name "Ultima Thule"
for 2014 MU69 is not an IAU-approved name for the object.

There is still no eighth payload cataloged from the Oct 29 CZ-2C launch. (Press
reports said there were eight, but only identified seven by name). 
I am beginning to conclude someone in the Chinese space program just cannot count.

It's also still unclear whether the SPP payload on the Oct 24 launch is one of the 
three cataloged debris objects from the launch, or another attached payload
on the rocket stage.

Table of Recent Orbital Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission       INTL.   Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl   Notes

Oct 20 0145   BepiColombo )           Ariane 5ECA         Kourou ELA3    Probe        80A   S43653   170 x-78605 x  5.5 
              Mio         )                                              Probe        80A   A09204   170 x-78605 x  5.5 
Oct 24 2257   Hai Yang 2 02)          Chang Zheng 4B    Taiyuan          Rem.Sensing  81A   S43655   950 x   965 x 99.4 0600LT SSO
              Tangguo Guan )                                             Comms        81B   S43656   641 x   940 x 99.5
              SPP          )                                             Tech         81?  
Oct 25 0015   Kosmos-2528             Soyuz-2-1B        Plesetsk LC43/4  Sigint       82A   S43657   900 x   910 x 67.1
Oct 27 0800   Weilai                  Zhuque-1          Jiuquan          Tech         F02   F01530 -3090?x   334 x 97.6
Oct 29 0043   Zhongfa Haiyang W.)                                        Rem.Sensing  83A   S43662   510 x   523 x 97.5 0700LT SSO
              Xiaoxiang-1 02  TY1-02 )                                   Tech         83             510?x   520?x 97.5
              Xinghe          TY1-03 )                                   Imaging      83             510?x   520?x 97.5
              Changsha gaoxin TY4-01 ) Chang Zheng 2C   Jiuquan          Tech/Com     83H   S43669   510 x   523 x 97.5
              Zhaojin-1       TY4-02 )                                   Astronomy    83             510?x   520?x 97.5
              Tianqi-1          )                                        Comms        83             510?x   520?x 97.5
              UNKNOWN           )                                        Tech         83             510?x   520?x 97.5
              CubeBel-1         )                                        Comms        83E   S43666   505 x   524 x 97.5
Oct 29 0408   Ibuki 2       )                                            Climate      84B   S43672   597 x   617 x 97.9 1300LT SSO
              KhalifaSat    )          H2A 202          Tanegashima      Imaging      84F   S43676   592 x   612 x 97.8
              Diwata 2      )                                            Imaging      84H   S43678   587 x   599 x 97.8
              Ten-Koh       )                                            Tech         84A   S43671   600 x   619 x 97.8
              Aoi           )                                            Astronomy    84K?  S43681?  587 x   599 x 97.8
              AUTCube-2     )                                            Tech         84J?  S43679?  585 x   598 x 97.8
Oct 28 0615   DebrisSat-2                               RemDeb, LEO      Tech        9867PR S43680   399 x   404 x 51.6
Nov  1 1557   Beidou DW 41            Chang Zheng 3B    Xichang          Navigation   85A   S43683   197 x 35815 x 28.5
Nov  3 2017   Kosmos-2529             Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat Plesetsk LC43/4  Navigation   86A   S43687 19123 x 19163 x 64.8
Nov  7 0047   MetOp-C                 Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat CSG ELS          Weather      87A   S43689   806 x   807 x 98.7 0930LT SSO
Nov 11 0350   IRVINE01          )                                        Tech         88D   S43693   493 x   516 x 85.0
              CICERO-10         )     Electron          Mahia LC1        Weather      88A   S43690   499 x   517 x 85.0
              Lemur-2-Zupanski  )                                        Weather/Com  88             495?x   515?x 85.0
              Lemur-2-Chanusiak )                                        Weather/Com  88             495?x   515?x 85.0
              Proxima I         )                                        Com          88             495?x   515?x 85.0
              Proxima II        )                                        Com          88             495?x   515?x 85.0
              Pride of Bavaria  )                                        Tech         88             495?x   515?x 85.0
Nov 14 1138   GSAT-29                 GSLV Mk III       Satish Dhawan SLP Comms       89A   S43698   181 x 35737 x 21.5
Nov 15 2046   Es'hailsat-2            Falcon 9          Kennedy LC39A     Comms       90A   S43700   201 x 37688 x 25.0

Table of Recent Suborbital Launches

The suborbital launches table includes known flights above 80 km.

Date UT       Payload/Flt Name Launch Vehicle      Site                  Mission    Apogee/km    Target

Oct 26        FTM-45 Target     UNKNOWN            Kauai                 Target        150?      Pacific
Oct 26        FTM-45 KV         Aegis SM-3-IIA    DDG-113, Kauai         Interceptor   150?      FTM-45 intercept
Nov  7 0701   GT228GM           Minuteman 3        Vandenberg            Op. Test     1300?      Kwajalein?

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