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SAO Astro REU program

In 1994 Christine Jones began the NSF-funded SAO Astronomy REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Program.

I was an advisor the first year, and helped out informally for several years before becoming a co-director. As of 2018 Matt Ashby took over from Christine as PI, and I remained co-director.

Each year we welcome about 10 undergraduate students from across the USA to the Harvard campus to provide them with experience in research and prepare them for grad school. (A few non-US students have also joined the program via other funding sources).

It's been an incredible experience - I am proud to have known these amazing scientists early in their careers and delighted that many of them are still my friends.

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We like to keep track of the further careers of our students, whether in astronomy or elsewhere. See:

List of the SAO Astro REU Alumni

Here are some of the program calendars from past years: The Astro REU Calendars

The SAO Astro REU Team

Role Dates
Dr. Christine Jones Forman PI/Director 1994-2016
Dr. Matt Ashby PI/Co-Director 2017-2023
Dr. Jonathan McDowell Co-Director 1996-2023
Dr. Jonathan McDowell PI/Co-Director 2023-
Dr. Nimesh Patel Co-Director 2023-
Kim Dow Project Support 1994-1998
Sherry Winkelman Project Support 1999-2007
Dr. Saku Vrtilek Project Support 2004-2007
Melissa Cirtain Project Support 2005-2007
Dr. Marie Machacek Project Support 2008-2016
Dr. Matt Ashby Project Support 2015-2016
Tania Ruiz Project support ca 1999
Elizabeth Bohlen Web site support 1994-2010
Natanya Ness Admin support 1994-2004
Kara Tutunjian Admin support 2005-now